March 2012 – present:  Just Radio Ltd. I work full time for an award-winning independent radio production company based in London. In February 2012, I began as a part-time researcher and in 2016 was offered a full-time role as a producer.

Awards and Achievements:

One of the Radio Academy’s 30 under 30.
Silver Medal at the New York Radio Festival Awards for Cassandro, Queen of Lucha Libre
I won Best New Producer at the UK Audio Production Awards. And also the silver medal for Best Arts / Music Feature Producer.
Finalist at the Whicker’s World Audio Funding Awards
My doc about Femmes Fatales was featured on Radio 4’s Pick of The Year
I won the Grand Jury Prize for Audio at the Telling Tales International Documentary Festival for The Man Who Buries Planes
Finalist at the Prix Marulic International Radio Festival
Selected for the Radio Academy’s 30 under 30
Bronze award for Best Arts Producer at the Audio Producer Awards

Producer credits:
Napoleon: The Man and The Myth (BBC Radio 4, June 2015) Co-produced with Susan Marling.

Cassandro, Queen of Lucha Libre (BBC World Service, February 2016) Also repeated on CBC’s Doc Project and KCRW’s Unfictional show.
Joan Collins: A Life in Lipstick (BBC Radio 2, July 2016) featured Radio 4’s Pick of The Week programme)
Beryl Markham: Aviatrix Extraordinaire (ABC RN’s Earshot series, June 2016)
The Museum of Imaginary Musical Instruments (ABC RN’s Soundproof series , December 2016 and Third Coast Festival’s Re:Sound podcast)
The Truth About Children Who Lie (BBC Radio 4, August 23rd 2016) and featured on Radio 4’s Seriously podcast and Pick of The Week)
A Home For Black History (BBC World Service, 25th September 2016) Co-produced with Susan Marling
Kandinsky – A Story of Revolution (BBC Radio 3, December 18th 2016) and featured on Radio 4’s Pick of The Week)

Olivia Newton-John, In Her Own Words (BBC Radio 2, May 15th and 22nd 2017 )
Femmes Fatales (BBC Radio 4, May 27th 2017) Also featured in BBC Radio 4’s Seriously podcast, Pick of The Week and Pick of The Year programmes.
Chaplains of The Sea (BBC World Service, May 13th 2017)
In The Studio with Kwame Kwei-Armah (BBC World Service, 20th June 2017)
The Battle For Henry David Thoreau (BBC Radio 3, September 10th 2017)
Radio 2 – A Birthday Portrait (BBC Radio 2, 20th September 2017)
In The Studio With Christian Louboutin (BBC World Service, November 7th 2017)
Lenny Henry on Richard Pryor – The Making of A Satirist (BBC Radio 4, 22nd December 2017 and Radio 4’s Seriously podcast)

Punk’s Jubilee (KCRW UnFictional, February 2018)

The Man Who Buries Planes (BBC Radio 4, 19th April 2018 and Radio 4’s Pick of The Week and Seriously podcast)
Beautiful Britain (BBC Radio 4, 11th May 2018) and the Radio 4 Seriously podcast
Cultural Frontline: Budapest Night Culture (BBC World Service, 26th May)
Class Act (BBC Radio 4, 18th October 2018) and Radio 4’s Seriously podcast
Claire Cunningham: The Art of Living (BBC Radio 4, 4th December 2018) and Radio 4’s Seriously podcast and Pick of The Week.
Lucy Evans: When I was a T-Rex (BBC Radio 1, February 22nd 2019) and Radio 1 Stories podcast
Cultural Frontline: House of Kenzo (BBC World Service October 2018)
In The Studio with Evan Tattoo (BBC World Service 2019)

2007-2011: New College, University of Oxford. MA Hons Modern Languages (French & Spanish)
2000-2007: Giggleswick School. A-levels in French (A) Spanish (A)  Russian (A) Latin (A) AS-level in Maths(A)